Travel Accident Insurance: Coverage for the Unexpected

Travel Accident Insurance

When you prepare for a trip, there is a long list of things you need to do.  And if you are leaving Canada, you know you must carry travel insurance for medical care in case of injury or illness.  However, there is another type of travel insurance coverage that handles other potential aspects of an accident away from home.  Travel accident insurance provides coverage for the long-term costs of a serious injury or disablement while traveling, as well as the worst case scenario, a fatality.

Costs to Consider
The medical bills are usually a traveler’s main concern when an accident abroad occurs, but when it results in a long-term injury that leaves you disabled, there are various other related costs to consider:

  • Travel expenses for someone to attend to you and bring you homeTravel Accident Insurance
  • Related hotel and food bills
  • Non-refundable travel plans
  • Long term care and treatment
  • Lost wages

And in the absolute worst case, death, travel accident insurance can help pay for some of the final costs such as:

  • Care of and preparation of the remains
  • Travel expenses for family including the deceased’s return trip home
  • Funeral and other related expenses

Who Needs Coverage
Travel accident insurance is an important consideration for all travelers, regardless of their age and financial status, or whether or not they are the income provider.  When a family member has been in a serious accident, the last thing you want to worry about is how you are going to pay the bills, get home and take care of the various immediate demands of the situation at hand.  A travel accident insurance policy removes the stress of having to handle quickly mounting expenses at a difficult time.

Whether you are traveling for a short period of time or an extended absence, it is essential to have the coverage you need to protect yourself and your family.  The length and the distance of the trip may influence your decision regarding this type of insurance coverage, but remember that an accident’s likelihood is not determined by miles or by any number of days.  It can happen anywhere, anytime, on the first day of your trip or the last.

Getting the Right Coverage
Fortunately, it is simple to obtain a comprehensive travel insurance package before you leave on your trip.  You can usually get all the travel coverage you need, all in one place, and all at once, making it an easy procedure.

Be well-aware of the conditions, exclusions and restrictions of your plan, and purchase your coverage well in advance of your trip to allow sufficient time for everything to be in place prior to your departure.  Look for a plan that includes coverage for all aspects of an accident so that you get the most comprehensive coverage possible.

While no one likes to think about illness and injury while traveling, accidents are an unfortunate possibility. The peace of mind provided by an insurance policy allows you to relax and enjoy the journey.  Be prepared for the unexpected – get proper and adequate travel insurance coverage before you go!